The Markham Board of Trade Business Luncheon

Posted on June 5, 2015

JM Hospitality was a sponsor at the Markham Board of Trade Business Luncheon on Wednesday with Mayor Frank Scarpitti. The Mayor addressed the crowd of over 500 and celebrated the new slogan for the city “Viva Markham!”. The Mayor had much good news to share including the official announcement of York University’s expansion into Markham with a new campus development, and the launch of the Ford’s Supercar in 2017 being manufactured right in Markham. Curt Harnett, former Olympian and Canada’s chef de mission for the Pan Am / Parapan games was also welcomed to the stage to promote the upcoming games, and show support for Canadian’s athletes, as well as president and CEO of TD Bank Tim Hockey, discussing the long standing partnership of TD in Markham. The luncheon ended off with the Mayor and his fellow city councillors joining in a colourful Pan-Am themed conga line.


J.W. “Bill” Marriott at the Canadian Hotel Investment Conference

Posted on May 13, 2015

The legendary Bill Marriott of Marriott International was the keynote speaker yesterday at the 19th annual Canadian Hotel Investment Conference (CHIC). Over 500 delegates from across the country took part in the event in downtownToronto to gain insight into the trends that will affect investments in hotels in the coming year. Mr. Marriott was interviewed by his daughter Debbie Harrison about his storied career, the principles of business success and future plans.

“We have a long association with this beautiful country. I had my honeymoon in Banff,” said Mr. Marriott who began with 365 rooms in 1957 and will have expanded to a million rooms open or under development by the end of this year. Mr. Marriott described building the company from a root beer stand to a global hospitality company. “At the heart of the matter is take good care of your people and listen to them, encourage them to talk, include them and make them part of the program. That’s been our guiding principle for almost 88 years now.”